How to Check for Updates

Updates are posted several times a year. For Apple and Windows versions purchased from, use the "Check for Updates" module in the Help menu to download AcaStat, Clarity, and StatCalc program updates and patches. We recommend you use this feature periodically to ensure you have the most recent version.

If you purchased software through the Mac App Store, you will be automatically notified of updates when available. 

Recent Updates

7/4/17Clarity 3.0.7

New Features:
  • A How To Guide is now available on line from the Documentation menu.
  • Several pulldown menu items have been upgraded.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected bug that removed the observations column in the data spreadsheet when running Recode operations.

4/20/17AcaStat 10.1.11

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:
  • Added View menu item to View/Hide procedure options panel.
  • Added link in Explore startup display to View/Hide procedure options panel.
  • Added note to crosstabulation output to clarify why agreement statistics are not reported so the user can resolve improper table specification.
  • The data spreadsheet has been enhanced to add 50 rows when the data file has zero observations.
Bug Fixes:
  • OLS regression under certain rare data conditions was failing to converge properly.
  • Corrected error where the Epi Curve chart failed to show percentages in the columns.

11/7/16Clarity 3.0.6

New Features:
  • An Add Rows option for the data spreadsheet is now included in the Edit menu.
  • Improved formatting for Windows users.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected error where the procedure running notice remained active after running a procedure on large data files.
  • Improved drag and drop of AcaStat data files into Clarity desktop icon to ensure the imported data file is visible after import is completed.
  • Corrected missing observation numbers in the data spreadsheet when adding rows.

11/7/16AcaStat 10.1.9

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:
  • Updated control layout in the procedure options module. Added combo button for procs using decimals in options panel.
Bug Fixes:
  • Recode module failed to display selected variable name for all tabs.
  • Data format did not load proper labels for Missing data "<" and ">".
  • Corrected error that allowed variable drag and drop in the random sample procedure.

10/1/16AcaStat 10.1.7

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:
  • A Strings Recode option has been added to the Recode module to simplify recoding and combining strings into meaningful values. The Strings option creates a new variable that recodes and combines string values into 1 to 12 numerical categories. The recode procedure also adds value labels to the data file for improve reporting.
  • The Find and Replace recode option has been improved to allow more refined identification and replacement of values or strings that are embedded in cell contents. Prior versions required that the entire cell content had to match the search criteria.
  • The Documents menu includes a link to download a free version of the Applied Statistics Handbook in pdf or iBook format.
  • The Recode menu was improved to show more procedure specific instructions upon display of the selected recode operation.
  • The Duplicate option in the Compute recode tab has been changed so it will duplicate string or numerical variables.
  • Fixed error where the Pareto Sort chart failed to display the variable label for string variables.

8/21/16AcaStat 10.1.6

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

8/21/16StatCalc 8.2.2

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:
  • Improved the display and analysis of international decimal indicators.
  • Example data with decimal values are automatically converted to match the locale decimal indicator (comma or period).
  • Updated average CPI (U.S.) for 2015 and added the semi-annual CPI for 2016.
  • Updated Statistics Glossary
  • Improved drag and drop functionality for data files, so data manager appears after loading of data.
  • Changed Decision table payoff values from left aligned to right aligned and removed the addition of one too many columns when formatting the table.

Help with Updates

If you are unable to update AcaStat or StatCalc, please contact us for assistance at Again, if your made your purchase through the Mac App Store, you should automatically receive an update notice from Apple.

For additional help with installation problems or many other questions, please review our
FAQs. We will update the FAQs periodically based on user input.